The leadership of each corporate standard-bearer enthusiastically encourages public relations, because they understand that doing so helps establish the Texas cannabis industry’s long term success.


This is increasingly important as new business owners continue pouring capital into the state. Over time that moneys political influence will continue to grow.

For Example:



Pebble is a Texas-based private label brand that conducts two-rounds of Independent 3rd party testing. First, they test the individual ingredients in Colorado before manufacturing. Second, when each completed batch is received in Texas they test again with a multi-generational Texas-based lab. Every batch’s results can be reviewed on Pebble’s website. It’s the highest standard in the nation, including above CUP. Pebble also recently completed its first clinical study, with Autistic children ages 5-12. Pebble is now engaged in their next study (Autistic 13-18 year olds), with several more teed-up. Results are impressive. They offer to share the data on request.

ricca chemical

Ricca Chemical provides independent 3rd party testing for brands and distributors, including Pebble. Their director lobbies for and continues to offer guidance on how Texas can use its already well-established relationship with NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) to deploy cannabis protocols rapidly across the 245 accredited labs statewide and execute safety, efficacy & consistency standards to protect Texas patients.

thrive apothecary

Thrive Apothecary is co-owned by a retired SWAT team member & a practicing physician. Their retail locations offer an uplifting family environment with educated staff. Thrive closely monitors the products they carry, conducting random tests and calling out any brand that makes claims not backed by independent lab results.

uptown rx pharmacy

Uptown RX Pharmacy is owned by a registered pharmacist and run as a traditional pharmacy. They follow a strict set of pharmaceutical-level protocols before adding any brand into their inventory. Except for Pebble, only a small handful of out-of-state companies currently meet the criteria.