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“…I am concerned that marijuana legalization could make this epidemic worse. I am committed to working with my colleagues to end the opioid epidemic and save lives."

- Sen. John Cornyn, 2021

Is cannabis as a ‘Gateway Drug’ and what implications does that have for Texas?

                        -3/19 Chief Steve Dye (TPCA) & ’14  Dan Patrick 


What are the concerns regarding how many different medicinal use proposals there now are for cannabis?

-3/19 Dan Patrick


Could regulating cannabis as medicine become a vehicle for expanding unwanted access to it?

-3/19 Dan Patrick


How is expanding medical cannabis “inoculating the public” toward full legalization?

-Mitch Slaymaker, Texas Municipal Police Assoc. 


Using California as the example, what does Texas risk by expanding access to medical cannabis?

-from Dan Patrick

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